PhD Researcher @Malmö




My research is conducted within a large research collaboration, Software Center, where companies and universities work together to accelerate the adoption of novel approaches to software engineering.

The cooperation between academia and companies creates the software engineering success stories that the Swedish- and Nordic industry needs.

My research focus is on customer feedback and data collection techniques. Due to the increasing amount of software in products and the capability to connect these products to the Internet, there is a fundamental shift in how products are developed and in how the life cycles of these products are perceived. Up until recently, product development was typically initiated and conducted within the boundaries of a firm, and with feedback from customers collected in the early phases of the development process. As the final step, release and deployment to customers represented the closure of the development effort, and the time at which the company instead adopted a ‘maintenance mode’ of the finished product.

Contributions in Software Engineering
# Title Type Venue Presentation
1 Data-Driven Decision-Making in Product R&D Doctoral Symposium XP2015, Helsinki, Finland XP2015
2 Customer Feedback and Data Collection Techniques in Software R&D Conference ICSOB 2015, Braga, Portugal ICSOB15
3 Early Value Argumentation and Prediction: An Iterative Approach to Quantifying Feature Value Conference PROFES 2015, Bolzano, Italy PROFES15
4 The Lack of Sharing of Customer Data in Large Software Organizations: Challenges and Implications Conference XP 2016, Edinburgh, Scotland TBA


I did my fare share of software development through the last 10 years. I started this path in high school with writing the first program in C. In parallel, I learned PHP and Java where OOB came into play. I upgraded my Java skills when working as a developer at a research institute for two years, running machine learning algorithms on different sets of data. I expanded the knowledge of web technologies in the recent years by investing time in learning jQuery and Angular, and applying this knowledge in order to create tools for the companies I worked with. At university level, I lectured to students in algorithms and data structures classes and assisted at web development courses.


I own a Canon EOS 700D and a standard, EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens Kit. Occasionally, I take some pictures, mostly of the nature.


Personal details

Full name: Aleksander Fabijan
Date of birth: 15.11.1989
Nationality: Slovenian, EU/EEA
Current residence: Malmö, Sweden


1995-2004: Primary School Education: OS Leskovec, 8273 Leskovec, Slovenia
2004-2008: High School Education: Computer Technician, SC Krsko, Slovenia
2008-2014: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia: Engineering degree in Computer Science
2008-2012: Visiting Exchange student on Masters Program, Malmö University, Sweden
2015-201X: PhD student in Computer Science, Malmö University, Sweden

Work Experience

2008-2012: IT Specialist @ Mircom, Ljubljana Slovenia
2010-2012: Software Developer @ IJS E9, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2012-2012: Teaching Assistant @ Malmö University, Sweden
2012-2014: Engineer IT Support @ Global Blue, Austria
2015-201X: PhD Researcher in Software Engineering, Sweden
2016-2016: Data Scientist Research Intern, Microsoft, WA (USA)

Selected Projects

Confidence(2010/2012): Implementing Machine Learning algorithms to analyse sensor data and classify human actions. European Union project in Intelligent Systems. @IJS

Payment Card Industry(2012/2013): Lead Engineer on hardening the systems and implementing data collection, analysis and alarming systems (over 400 different devices). Highest Audit presentations. Certified in Tripwire Log Centre and Tripwire Enterprise. @Global Blue

IT service management(2014): Lead Engineer on implementing Incident Management and Change Management. Certified BMC administrator. C-level reporting. Certified SAP Analytics. @Global Blue

Security Data Analytics(2014/2015): Lead Engineer on implementing Splunk. Complete clustered solution with dynamic bucketing. Integration with other systems such as AD and ITSM. @Global Blue

Institutional Memmory (2016/2016): I reviewed, analyzed, and documented specific online experiments run by teams at Microsoft. My work is attempting to synthesize the different ways that knowledge is being collected and shared, and propose new techniques (e.g., processes, reports, visualizations, software interfaces) to accelerate this sharing of institutional memory.

Language Skills

Slovenian: Native
English: Proficient
Croatian: Proficient
German: Independent
Swedish: Basic


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